Sedu prepares for power cuts

Sedu is preparing for power cuts. And in any case, saving electricity is a responsible thing for Sedu to do. Sedu is involved in the national energy saving campaign “Down a degree”.

Sedu informs about power outage preparedness and instructs students and guardians on how to act during power outages through its website and via Wilma. The instructions are available on the website in Finnish and English. The material on the website will be kept up to date.

What to do in advance of a known power cut

Students and staff will be informed in advance of known power cuts. In the event of short power cuts of 1-2 hours, work will be planned in advance with tasks and work that do not require electricity.

Students and guardians are informed via Wilma, staff via intranet and e-mail. The website will be kept up to date at all times.

What to do in the event of an unexpected power cut

In the event of a sudden power cut, work will continue for one hour, as instructed by the teacher, after which students may be sent home at the discretion of the education manager. For on-the-job learning, the instructions of the respective workplace will be followed.

Dormitories will operate as normal. The dormitory supervisors will give instructions as necessary.

Secapp will act as an information channel for staff. Teachers instruct students on site, dormitory counsellors in the dormitories.

Electric locks

Even if the electric locks do not work, you can always get out of the room or building.


Lifts are not available during a power cut. Follow the instructions on the lift.


If the power cut is known at least one day in advance, students may be served lunch as normal.

During sudden, short power outages, meals will be provided where possible or alternate arrangements will be made.

In the event of a power cut, the food served may be different from the menu.

During longer power outages, it will not be possible to provide lunch.

Toilet facilities

Toilet facilities will not be available during a power cut.

Heating and ventilation

Heating and ventilation will not be operational during a power cut.


Lighting will not operate during a power cut. Emergency lighting systems operate for an average of one hour, and there are a few battery-operated lamps in the premises. Everyone is advised to use mobile phone torches in areas where there are no emergency lights.

Outdoor lights will not work during a power cut.

Information networks

The power supply to servers and active equipment on the core network is backed up to withstand power outages of approximately two hours. The primary objective is to prevent potential power surges from damaging critical equipment.

However, it cannot be guaranteed that the communication links of the workstations will be maintained during a power outage. In the event of an outage at the workstations, the network connection can be shared via mobile phone, allowing access to the public services in Sedu and, during regional power cuts, to services elsewhere in Finland.

Back-up power supplies will be provided at Sedu’s offices to recharge mobile phones during power cuts.

Instructions for sharing the network connection from a mobile phone:

Security teams at the various Sedu locations will meet the week of 9 January 2023 to confirm details on campus.